About Me

Manish Kumar Singh

Manish Kumar Singh (born 30th December, 1997, West Bengal, India) is a Digital Entrepreneur. He started working from a very early age, and started his journey of online business in 2019. His out of the box ideas, strategies have helped him achieve targets for his clients. He is the Co-founder of Initiators Media Pvt. Ltd. a marketing agency in India.

Early Life

Manish Kumar Singh has pursued his schooling from D.A.V. Public School, West Bengal. He later went to New Delhi to complete his graduation, where in the 1st year of college, he co-founded his company, Initiators Media Pvt. Ltd.


Manish Kumar Singh started his online business with his partners and scaled it up to an international level. He has worked with many international artists and brands. As mentioned in his Yahoo News article, his innovative ideas make him everyone’s preferred choice.